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HVAC Upgrade in Yorktown Heights

HVAC Upgrade in Yorktown Heights

Before After
HVAC Upgrade in Yorktown Heights HVAC Upgrade in Yorktown Heights

Out with the old, in with the new!

Attic Insulation in Yorktown Heights

Attic Insulation in Yorktown Heights

Before After
Attic Insulation in Yorktown Heights Attic Insulation in Yorktown Heights

By insulating the attic with Silver Glow and installing a hatch cover, this homeowner was given the ability to control the temperature in their home efficiently and affordably.

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Home Insulation & Air Sealing Company

Many homeowners are under the impression that their home is properly insulated. However, when we look, we find that most homes do not have the proper amount of insulation. We find the wrong types of insulation used, insulation in the wrong locations, gaps in the insulation, and some cases, no insulation at all. What does that all mean? It means that your home is cold, or hot, or both, and uncomfortable. It means you are spending far more money than necessary to keep your home comfortable. Stop wasting money. Contact the professionals at County Comfort Home Solutions today!

Expert Heating System Installation & Repair Contractor

A properly working heating system is crucial to the efficiency and comfort of your home. At County Comfort Home Solutions, our experts know exactly how important it is to have a heating system that won’t cost more money than necessary and will keep your home comfortable. If you have an older heating system that may not be running properly, the short-term issue is that your home is not as comfortable as it could be. The long-term issue is that you are losing money. If you are struggling with a boiler or furnace that is old or not working properly, updating it will save you money on your energy bill.

Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, & Service Company

Here at County Comfort Home Solutions, our skilled technicians can inspect your air conditioning system and provide the right services to prolong the life of your cooling system and keep your home comfortable. We provide repair and maintenance services for all brands and models of central and ductless air conditioners.

Our HVAC Services Include:

  • Efficient Furnaces
  • Furnace Repair
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance

Attic Insulation Experts in Yorktown Heights

Our experts have your attic insulation and air sealing needs covered. With your budget in mind, we will assess your home needs to keep your family comfortable all year round. In addition to our attic sealing and insulation services, our technicians also take care of attic mold. Call our experts to learn more today. Our attic insulation services in Yorktown Heights include:

  • Attic Insulation
  • Attic Air Sealing
  • Cellulose Insulation
  • Rigid Foam Board Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • And more!

Count on the experts at County Comfort Home Solutions when it comes to your attic insulation needs. Contact us today at 1-844-691-0771 or complete the provided form to schedule your free attic insulation quote in Yorktown Heights, NY and areas nearby in Westchester County.

Yorktown Heights, NY Crawl Space & Basement Insulation Experts

Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills but a decrease in the comfortability of your home? This is likely caused because crawl spaces and basements soak up the natural cold or heat around your home and transfer it into the air. This can intensify when your water heater, furnace, or hot water pipes live in your basement or crawl space. When you have a fluctuation in temperature, it forces your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder. At County Comfort Home Solutions, we can improve the condition of your crawl space and basement with products that are durable, long-lasting, and made especially for the crawl space and basement environment!

Plus, we provide the solutions you need, not any more or less, with our comprehensive home energy audit. During this time, we will inspect the property and pinpoint areas where the home is losing energy. This helps us make personalized recommendations based on the needs of your home, guaranteeing insulation, HVAC, and other home energy solutions that are guaranteed to save you money and create a more comfortable space overall.

Schedule your Free Estimate Today!

Are you ready to take the next step and have your home comfortable all year round? Call our experts. Among our heating, air conditioning, and attic services, we also offer the following services:

  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • Attic Mold Removal
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Home Energy Audit

Contact County Comfort Home Solutions in Yorktown Heights, NY today to schedule your free estimate!

Job Stories From Yorktown Heights, NY
Wall Insulation in Yorktown Heights, NY

In this home we insulated the walls and ceiling using a technique called dense packing. Dense packing the exterior walls and ceilings of your home helps to reduce energy loss in your home and helps your heating and cooling systems run more efficiently. In order to dense pack a wall, we first cover all objects that can't be removed in plastic. Then we drill small 2in holes into the wall and uses hoses to blow in cellulose. Once the walls are filled, the holes are patched. 

Wall Insulation in Yorktown Heights, NY - Photo 1
Central AC Installation in Yorktown, NY

We installed a central AC system in this home. We installed two Mitsubishi hyper heat condensers and then paired them with two multi position air handlers and new duct work. We also installed two Honeywell smart thermostats. This project qualified for a clean heat rebate from Con Ed that covered approximately 60% of the project's total cost. 

Daikin Cold Climate Installation in Yorktown, NY

We decommissioned an oil boiler and removed all the radiators from the home. We then installed a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat condenser, and a heat pump hot water heater. We also installed both ductless wall mounted air handlers and a ducted air handler. This installation qualified for a clean heat rebate from Con Ed. 

Daikin Cold Climate Installation in Yorktown, NY

We installed a Daikin cold climate condenser and paired it with both ducted and ductless air handlers. This combination qualified the customer for a clean heat rebate from Con Ed. 

Daikin Cold Climate Installation in Yorktown, NY - Photo 1
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