Clean Heat Rebates

HVAC Upgrades & the Clean Heat Rebate in New York

Lower your annual energy bills in Westchester County

Home Energy Savings in Greater Peekskill, NY

Save on your utility bills and improve your home's comfort with a new heating and cooling system.

Want to lower your energy bills and create better home comfort? County Comfort Home Solutions can help with the New York Clean Heat rebate, which offers significant upfront rebates from NYSEG and Con Edison!

We design and install heat pump systems that deliver energy-efficient heating and cooling for any situation and season. You can count on your new heating and cooling system to deliver year-round comfort that is energy-efficient and eco-friendly!

Schedule a free heating and cooling estimate to learn more. We proudly serve New York areas throughout Ossining, Peekskill, Yonkers, and nearby.

How the Clean Heat Rebate works

  1. Conduct a home energy audit: We start by performing a comprehensive home energy audit, which helps us identify areas where your home is losing energy. From there we develop personalized recommendations to improve energy efficiency.
  2. Create a manual J heat load: The results of the audit also helps us measure the amount of heating and cooling BTUs that are needed to keep your home comfortable all year round.
  3. Designing an HVAC system: The manual J heat load allows us to design a heating and cooling system perfect for your home, Where we account for existing ductwork, the size of the property, how many rooms there are, and more.

Heat pumps lower energy costs & create comfortable homes

While many homeowners assume heat pumps are just not equipped to deal with the heating and cooling needs in New York, this is simply not true. Heat pump technology has come so far that these systems can regulate temperatures in areas of -14 degrees.

Another assumption about heat pumps is that they use electricity and since electric heat is expensive, a heat pump will be too. Again, this is not the case. The reason electric baseboard heating is so expensive is that it is outdated and inefficient, while heat pumps have advanced so much, they are now comparable to natural gas.

Plus, if you end up going with a multi-zone system, you have the power to treat the air in the areas you choose rather than focusing on the entire home at once.

How home energy upgrades can improve the entire property

If you have recently installed energy upgrades or are looking to make some more, here are some ways those changes can impact one another:

  • Solar energy: If you have solar or are planning on getting it, heat pumps run on electricity. This means that your system can also be powered by solar.
  • Home insulation: Inefficient insulation and poor air sealing can negatively impact your utility costs and how well your HVAC system regulates temperatures. If air is leaking, your heating and cooling system will have to run longer and work harder to create a comfortable home.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint: A properly insulated home that is solar-powered and uses a heat pump will be carbon-neutral. Not only does this significantly lower your energy costs, but it will also boost the resale value of the home and be much more eco-friendly.

Our COVID-safe showroom & planning center

Want to see how County Comfort Home Solutions can lower your energy costs and create a more comfortable home overall? Visit our showroom and planning center in Westchester County! We built this area with several stages of air filtration and a virus-killing UV light so families could review our systems without having to worry about COVID. We have even implemented an appointment-only policy, allowing us enough time between visits to sterilize the space. Plus, we provide booties, gloves, and masks to make you feel extra safe upon arrival.

In the showroom, you can expect to see equipment, feel the heating and cooling capabilities for yourself, and listen to how the machines sound. This makes it the perfect space to discuss your plans and get ideas for some new ones. It also helps you avoid an in-home visit by preparing our "my home worksheet" beforehand. And customers can enjoy an additional $500 off of their project!

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