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Joe Jensen

County Comfort Home Solutions

Title: President & CEO

Hometown: Croton, NY

Joe Jensen from County Comfort Home Solutions


Managing Partner, Business Administrator, and "Papa Bear Extraordinaire" here at the County Comfort Family

Proudly born and raised in Croton, NY, Joe is a self-made industry expert with a Bachelors's Degree in Business Administration from Fordham University and 30 years of industry experience. Joe's education took him into the field of waste management, where he stayed for many years before settling into his current venture, HVAC and home insulation. Joe is father and friend to sons, Michael and Joshua, with whom he launched County Comfort Home Solutions in 2016. 

Equipped with a strong skill set to ensure that all projects are completed promptly, on budget, and maximizing efficiency, Joe's top priority is creating happy customers - while being environmentally conscious. Joe proudly advocates for corporate environmental responsibility, including proper waste reduction and management. Therefore, County Comfort only utilizes energy-efficient heating and cooling materials from Amana, Bosch, Daikin, and Mitsubishi for projects in residential homes and businesses. Through his work in the County Comforts insulation division, Joe leads by example using energy-efficient, environmentally friendly material alternatives like cellulose. Joe pours his love of nature into this family company by reducing the carbon footprint one project at a time through the use of the Con Edison rebate program. Additionally, through our insulation division, Joe ensures energy optimization to heat and cool your space by naturally sealing attics and basements - problem areas where energy waste has the most propensity to occur. 

Joe's passion for the earth stems from his boyhood days, where he gratefully enjoyed the vast beauty of nature while working summers at a bike rental shop in Nantucket. Today, after years of hard work spent protecting and preserving nature's oasis, Joe can be found "lost at sea" on the beautiful Hudson River, in Key West, or back at his old Nantucket stomping grounds. He enjoys fishing, crabbing, and sailing with his boys.

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